Live Your Purpose

Live Your Purpose retreat in Zeeland

(This page is in English because the retreat will be facilitated in English)

You have a good job that is stable. A nice place to live. You are doing well.
But somehow you keep feeling unfulfilled. The work that you do, gives you security but not the right satisfaction.
You notice having less and less joy and energy for your work. 

In your heart, you feel that life has more in store for you. There is a little itch. A notion that more is possible.

Listen to that! There is a reason why you are here.
Your unique talents are meant to contribute to this world: your purpose.

“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

Walking your Purpose
Most of us experience a lot of tension, fear, and insecurity with the idea of having to give up our certainty. And we let ourselves be paralyzed by limiting beliefs such as:
'What will others think of me when I fail?'
'Do I really have something special to offer?'  'I don't even know what my passion is..'

This retreat helps you choose what you want and consequently stand for your purpose.

You will connect to your unique qualities and dreams. You will share them with the group. Yes... this is really challenging (we know!) and yet so necessary. We will be there with you. Because you don't want to let yourself be led by the fear of what others might think of you.

You will boost your self-confidence by sharing your unique gifts and purpose. By daring to be vulnerable.

In these three days, you will confront your fears and convictions and you will take a step closer towards your purpose. You will take your place in this tapestry of life.

It is time.
Are you ready?

Living your purpose becomes easier, more fun, and more adventurous than you ever could have imagined!

Take the decision to...

  • Connect with your unique qualities and life mission; the reason why you are here.
  • Step out of the role of bystander and take responsibility for your life.
  • Boost your self-confidence, strength, and trust in living your purpose. To let yourself feel fulfilled by energy, inspiration, and decisiveness. To feel ALIVE!
  • Learn to break your barriers keeping you from living your purpose effectively.
  • Gain clarity about the next concrete steps necessary for realizing your purpose.
  • Connect and to have fun with people that are walking the same path.
  • Give yourself a weekend of peace, contemplation, and inspiration with an amazing location and great food. Because you feel you are worth it and you are ready for the next step in your life.

You can expect

Breathwork, Systemic Work, Movement & Dance, Group sharing & Inquiry, Ice bath, spending time in nature, both on location and a visit to the sea. Sitting by the fire outdoors under the stars, and more!

The location Finca Vrij has beautiful rooms for 2-4 persons.
The retreat is fully catered offering delicious vegetarian food.


Curious about an impression?

You are not meant to leave this planet with your gifts still inside of you.
You are supposed to share them.

Impression of Live Your Purpose february 2023


Impression of location Finca Vrij in Zeeland


About the facilitators

Igua Yu
Working as a personal coach and facilitator he guides people to develop inner connectedness and decisiveness for a happy and purposeful life. In his vision, he focuses on personal development and leadership. Transforming that which is preventing you from what you really want, and then learning to apply that in your daily life.

He is trained as a coach, counselor & emotional bodywork therapist. He is also trained in the craftmanship of training, change management, plant medicine & family constellations.

What others have to say about working with Igua:

He invites you in a personal and attuning way to challenge yourself and to overcome this thanks to sincere, empathetic support

Igua is for me the perfect balance between grounded and sharp, and empathetic and
accommodating. I have not encountered any workshop or retreat that resonates as well as with that of Igua.

Aileen Kennedy

Supporting people in bringing more joy & happiness into their lives is what makes her happy. Finding your way into more self-love and compassion are expressions of the Divine Feminine. The driving force behind everything that she does.
The tools she uses for this, are Breathwork, EMDR, and therapy. Aileen is a certified GZ-Psychologist, PSYCHEDELIC BREATH facilitator, Mindfulness teacher, and Doula.
Finding your way back to your body & breath and finally allowing yourself to feel & heal is so important, and worth it!
She lives in Amsterdam and regularly shares her love & passion on Ibiza.


This is a gentle but powerful Breathwork technique. Using ancient knowledge from yoga & contemporary neuroscience, beautiful electronic music, and gentle feminine guidance.
PSYCHEDELIC BREATH can allow you to release emotions, and physical blockages and increase the sense of aliveness & energy in your body. Release limiting beliefs and allow yourself to step towards your full potential.

What others have to say about working with Aileen

‘Thank you Aileen!
Your guidance was so feminine, coming from a place of gentleness & power. The instructions were very clear.
To me, breathwork is allowing yourself to be in a space where you can see your Self clearly- without judgment.
As if you can connect to this All-knowing part within yourself - quite instantly. I arrived in a loving space where every aspect of myself is welcome- with clarity. This clarity shows me where I can grow.'

Impression of the program

10:00 Check-In
10:30 Exercise 'Connecting to my purpose'
13:00 Healthy vegetarian lunch
14:30 Excercise- 'How to Live Your Purpose'
15:30 Short break
16:00 Systemic Work - 'Free yourself of limiting beliefs'
17:00 Sharing Circle
18:30 Delicious vegetarian dinner
20:00 Open evening program with space to connect and sing around the fire

Praktical Info

Date: 29 September to 1 October

Times: 29/9 - Walk-in 16:00 uur & 1/10 Closure 16:00

Location: Finca Vrij in Zeeland | Kapelleweg 29a, 4322 NG Scharendijke (click for impression)

Facilitators: Aileen Kennedy ( & @aileenkennedy.innersource) & Igua Yu

Language: English | Max 16 participants (6 early-bird tickets!)

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Niels van den Broek

Training & Development Specialist

Ik ging naar Igua in een periode waarin ik voor een aantal lastige keuzes stond. Onder andere door de sfeer die neergezet werd, de verschillende interventies en Igua’s zijn scherpe manier van faciliteren ontstond er bij mij genoeg helderheid om de juiste keuzes te maken. Een jaar later is mijn leven op vrijwel elk vlak verbeterd!

Michel Kasper

Fotograaf & Coach

Hij nodigt je op persoonlijk passende wijze uit om jezelf uit te dagen en dankzij
oprechte, invoelende support deze te overwinnen. Igua is voor mij de perfecte balans tussen gegrond en scherp, en invoelend en meegaand.

Arjan Verdonk

Eigenaar Fysiopraktijk

De begeleiding van Igua heeft tot concrete resultaten in mijn ondernemerschap geleid.

Igua is top en heeft naar mijn mening alle deskundigheid, sensitiviteit, inlevingsvermogen en power in huis om zijn sessies vorm te geven.

Ernst Moolenaar

Arts & Lichaamswerker

In het 1:1 traject met Igua heb ik hem ervaren als to-the-point en helder. Tegelijkertijd invoelend en rustig. Het heeft mij meer helderheid op mijn pad gebracht en breder inzicht in mijn patronen, gedrag en familiesysteem.

Sandor Baetens

Programma Manager & Adviseur

The Liberated Man gaf me veel spiegels en inzichten, maar vooral ook dat ik nu voel dat ik mag vertrouwen op mijn eigen wijsheid en kracht. En dat vertaalt zich bij mij in veel meer daadkracht. Igua is als begeleider scherp en hij daagt je uit. Zijn oprechte betrokkenheid zorgt voor een veilige bedding die maakt dat je die uitdaging ook echt aan gaat.


Igua Yu

Life & Leadership Coaching & The Liberated Man

Thijs Tuijt

The Liberated Man

Dion Nicolai

The Liberated Man

Nils Elzenga

The Liberated Man

Sjors Boelaars

The Liberated Man